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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Updated- Noro Entrelac Socks

Updated 7/20/2008 to make the instructions make sense. I must have been on drugs when I first wrote up this pattern!

I improvised these socks when I was in the skilled nursing facility, so I thought I'd go on and write up the pattern as best I can. I love the Kureyon Sock and I understand the garishness of the colors doesn't suit everyone, but this pattern should work well even in the more subtle colorways of Kureyon Sock.


You need to be familiar with the general concept of entrelac to make these. If you're not, go here.

stuff you need:
needle-size 1 US (2.25) in the method of your choice-I used DPNs but only
because my magic looper was broken.
1 skein Noro Kureyon sock.
Tapestry needle for the ends etc

Size large (medium, small)

Cast on 72(66,60) stitches in the method of your choice. Divide as evenly as you can over your needles of choice. Do an inch and a half or so of 4x2 ribbing. Decrease over 4 knit rounds to 54 (48,42) stiches. Your needles will need to be set up in multiples of six.
(The reason you need to decrease so dramatically is that entrelac, sitting on the bias, will be much bigger around than stockinette. You're esentially turning your knitting on its side.)
Begin entrelac with six-stitch stockinette triangles. You will make 9 (8,7).

k2, turn
slip 1, p1, turn
slip 1, k2, turn
slip 1, p2, turn
slip 1, k3, turn
slip 1, p3, turn
slip 1, k4, turn
slip 1, p4, turn
slip 1, k5, turn
slip 1, p5, turn
slip 1, k5, turn
Repeat rows 10 and 11.
Work all stitches into triangles in this way.

The rectangles:
Working left to right, with right needle pick up six stitches. Slip one, purl four, purl 2 together using first stitch of first triangle on right needle.
Slip one, knit five, turn.
sl 1, p4, P2tog w/next live stitch, turn.
sl 1, k5

Etc, etc until the entire round has been worked.
Then, work back the other way for the next row.

This time, pick up and knit 6 stitches
sl 1, p5, turn
sl 1, k4, ssk w/ next live stitch
Etc, etc until entire round has been worked.

Continue working rows of entrelac squares in this way.

I did six rounds of entrelac squares. I could have done seven, but wanted to make sure I’d have enough yarn left. I would imagine seven or eight rows for medium or small would work.

Ending Triangles
Pick up 5 stitches and purl across them, left to right. Purl one more stitch from first group of six on right needle, turn.

slip1, k1, turn,

slip1, p2, turn,

slip1, k3, turn,

slip1, p4, turn,

slip1, k5, turn,

slip1, p6, turn,

slip1, k7, K2TOG, turn,

slip1, p7, Sl1, P2, pass slipped stitch over.

(The main thing is if you do an even number of rows, you do your ending triangles starting with the wrong-side row and if it’s an odd number, you start with the right side. It makes sense when you actually do it. I had a few missteps and redos to figure that out. This is just one of those places where experience with entrelac will help-or not, if you're me. I have to rip and redo every time.)

Knit three rounds even. Now, when you've done your other-end triangles, you’ve done an eight-stitch triangle for each space, which SHOULD bring you back up to 72 (66, 60) stitches. If not, work KFB increases here and there over the next three knitted rounds.

Now, do a standard flap-and-gusset heel. Since the yarn is single ply, I highly recommend doing slip-stitch rib on the heel flap for strength. If you need standard heel instructions, I recommend Silver's excellent heel instructions.

Make the foot as long as you need and finish with the toe of your choice. I changed to four DPNs and did the K2TOG at the end of each needle every other round to get the spiral toe, which looks nice. I grafted the toe closed when I had four stitches remaining on each needle, a total of sixteen stitches.

If anyone actually does this, drop me a message, I’d love to see how they come out!

Here's some more pictures.




Megan said...

Of course I had to comment. Wonderful socks. I'll let you know when mine get going.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous sox. THANKYOU THANKYOU for the pattern - I'n casting on tonight

Anonymous said...

Great socks and just what I am looking for. BUT, I want to make them from the toe up. Any help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I usually cast on 64 st on 1 1/2 DPN . . which size should I use as I am an 8 1/2 shoe size? I am thinking MEDIUM??????? Thank you

Conny said...

Hello Jamie!

It's a great pattern. First i saw it there were only ???? in my head. But then striktly knitting stitch by stitch - it worked. Thank you for teaching me a new knitting tchnique.

Best regards,

Peg said...

Thanks for the pattern. I can't wait to try it. I have seen other items made with entrelac method--but no socks. Mittens would be good too!