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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring stash toss and sort

I had some time with no motivation to knit or spin today so I decided to do my annual stash toss and sort. Mostly.

I have a lot of yarn and spinning fiber. Seven bins and a cedar chest. Five bins of yarn and two bins and a cedar chest of fiber. I didn't toss the cedar chest, I need to go through that soon but not today. If I'm doing the spinning class again over Labor Day weekend, I need to find fiber to teach with and most of my basic fibers are in there. So I just sorted the fancy/handpaint stuff today.

So this is where I started.
Fingering weight yarn on the left into the middle, handspun on the right.

These two bins are the start of everything that isn't sock yarn or handspun, and weaving yarns.

I took a picture of the fiber but I deleted it because it was blurry. I got everything neatly boxed back up (two bins of sock yarn, two bins of fiber, one bin of handspun) and a nice bag of yarn to donate to my friend Alice who is sending yarn to knitting soldiers overseas.


Some handspun alpaca and some nice sock yarns that have just been in my stash too long.


Not much new. Finishing a mystery shawl, finished a pair of socks,
The sweater is on hold until the weather is cooler, and trying to spin some fiber for another shawl. And despite the stash photos, planning to go to MDSW next weekend, but mostly to see the sheep and to see some friends, and also to take Delphine on a road trip. I'll be going down early Saturday morning and staying with a friend who lives in the area, and coming back home after the festival on Sunday. It's less than a 4 hour drive so I shouldn't have any trouble making it.

This happened today, too.

I hope her life is everything she wants it to be.