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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Post-Olympic Letdown

I'm feeling a bit let down today. I hate to see the olympics come to an end as usual, I really enjoyed them this time. All the angst over China's politics has little to do with the event as sport for me, although maybe it should. That's something I should probably examine. Maybe later. I'm not going to blather about sport here, though, I have another blog for that. And I am planning an olympics post there in the next couple of days.

I've had some upsetting things happen to me recently regarding an acquaintance who used to be a fairly good friend. I have issues, anyone who reads this on a regular basis knows that, but like any good self-aware nutcase, I work on those issues. I also evolve. In the past few years (and I do believe this is part of being pre-menopausal) I have become less tolerant in what I'm willing to expose myself to. It's all turned into a nasty series of exchanges that I find somewhat hurtful but mostly puzzling. I'm having a hard time articulating this because I don't want to bring the drama here, but I really find it sad that a friendship can't just end without acrimony. I don't wish anyone ill. I don't hate anyone. I just don't want to read Jonah Goldberg quotes on my LiveJournal friends page any more.

I'm going to stop there because ugh, it's never that simple or that one-sided and I don't have the energy to deal with it or even sort it out in my mind now. There's truly no drama like online drama, though. The Bard would have a good time with today's technology.

So, as I mentioned in my last thing, I participated in the Ravelympics. I got the Seaweed Socks done. The pattern's mostly written, too, it should appear here in the next few days.

I actually wore them yesterday, they were a bit too hot for the weather but very comfy.

Also finished off the yarn I was spinning from rolags. I made that into another Ravelympics project and ended up with 700 yards of light fingering weight yarn out of 7.4 ounces.

I'm actually very, very pleased with this yarn. Now, what to make out of it? It's too nice for socks. Very drapey, very shiny. Maybe some sort of lace stole.

I took a photo of my puffyfoot after a day's work. Mainly because I had a perfect imprint of the cucumber lace sock on it.

I just love how my toes are all caddywompus. Gotta love nerve damage. The swelling is worst when the weather is very hot.

I've been waking up at night with hideous pain in my knee. Deep, dull throbbing. It goes away pretty soon so I figured I'm probably twisting it in my sleep then it wakes me up. Bears watching, though. If it continues I may give the dreaded ortho a call.

Here's a picture of my kids from the family reunion.


They're extremely silly. Here they are with all the cousins from their generation.


They're like the giants in the land of the munchkins.

This coming weekend is the annual Mensa Regional Gathering here in Pittsburgh. I'm in charge of getting the wine, beer and coffee. The wine is bought and in the garage, the coffee is ordered, and the beer will be purchased and brought to the hotel on Thursday. It should be a good time. Hopefully I'll get to spend the majority of my time in the hot tub, and perhaps I'll get a chance to wear the luna moth shawl. I'm not looking forward to the prospect of going to the dance, though. That will be very sad for me.

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