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Monday, February 23, 2009

I don't need to be forgiven

This is going to be in the way of a rapid photo dump, as I feel like hammered shit right now and need to go to bed. I've had horrible leg cramps (bad leg only so it isn't a potassium deficiency, thanks) all weekend and also have a recurrence of the allergic rhinitis that has caused my right eardrum to retract again and I'm having excruciating ear pain that goes all the way down the right side of my face to my neck and into my collarbone. I'm way too young for this. So some photos and brief descriptions and that'll have to do for now.

First up is a needle felted heart that I did while watching the oscars.



I'm also working on a needle-felted cat that started off looking like an owl pellet but is now looking like a cat-shape. It's a work in progress.



It's actually further along than this but I didn't take new photos. I'm really liking the needle felting.

My mom got a new dog-her senior Brittany mix, my sister Molly, passed away a couple of weeks ago. Since my mother didn't want Mini, her JRT, to be alone, she adopted Pookie here from a local shelter. She's cute. Bad breath.


The orchids are blooming on one plant.


And here is some yarn I spun over the weekend. A two-ply because of the color sequence. I am curious how it'll knit up, it's a sportweight, about 330 yards.


I haven't done a two ply in a while, it was weird.


Finally, a photo of me and my mom that I took a photo of. This was taken when I was about two and a half. I was a cute baby. My mom was pretty cute, herself.


That's about it. I'm just not feeling up to writing anything right now-too much pain and not enough sleep. So it goes.


KnittingReader said...

I hope you feel better soon! All the photos are great; I love the one of you and your mom.

I need to try needle felting again. I did it briefly in December and thought it was fun.

Meowser said...

I love the needle felts, especially the kitty! Meow!

Cute doggy too. (I can almost smell the breath!)

Hope you are on the mend.