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Monday, April 13, 2009

It never gets any easier

Being a parent is tough, especially when you're powerless to help your child. My younger daughter is now on her way back to Tennessee, driving the Worst Car Ever that has a broken spark plug and it's almost 9 at night, and she's in West Virginia.

We had a nice Easter. Other than being horrified by her car, that is. We all got together at my mom's house yesterday and had ham and stuff. There were no fights. I had to leave the room once due to my mother being very definitely WTF inducing at one point in the conversation but rather than making a scene I just went and sat on the porch.

I'm pretty miserable this week. The medication my doctor has me on is making me out of sorts and my glucose meter still hasn't arrived so I have no idea if it's helping or not.

In crafting, not much. The entrelac socks move on, as do the Thelonious socks. I have one of those done and will probably cast on the second one tomorrow. I got a few more rows done on the Decimal sweater. It's really starting to look like a fall project. No spinning this week, it was too busy.

Hooray for the Pens, made the playoffs AND got home ice in the first round.

Elder daughter got her hair cut short for the first time since she was a small child.


Cute, isn't it?


I still have a hard time getting them to pose together for photos.

Younger daughter brought her classroom rat along on the trip-that's another thing to worry about with the broken car-the rat freezing.


It's quite a cute rat.


I'm just going to post these without comment and let y'all draw your own conclusions. After all, that's what the comment section is for.


k.d. lang was incredible. We had such a nice time at the concert. The seats were really uncomfortable because there was nowhere for my bad leg to go, but once she started singing, that faded quite a bit and I finally turned around and got my leg in the aisle.
I think this was her tour bus, but Bob refused to let me hide under it and wait for her.

We were seated under this chandelier. It was mildly creepy, but beautiful.
Of course no photos during the show because I'm far too much a weenie to break the rules, even though there were camera phones going off all around us the whole damn time. She was in amazing voice though, really perfect, such control and power. Sigh. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Finally, here is Falco, my birdie sister, and an artsy-fartsy sort of photo of elder daugter.
Falco is a Nanday Conure and a real sweetheart. She really likes me.


I don't know if I could have done that on purpose if I'd tried.

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kennedyflair said...

Thanks for your report on k.d. (hiding under the tour bus was probably not a good idea...)
I like your daughters haircut-it really suits her.