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Monday, May 11, 2009

you say tomato, I say tomato.


Those are sprouts germinated from three year old heirloom tomato seeds that I carelessly saved dried in a paper towel, tossed into a drawer, and promptly forgot about. I pulled them out about two, three weeks ago and decided to see if they'd sprout. Well, they did. The purple ones didn't, but the yellow and the beefsteak both sprouted and how. I potted them earlier this morning-hopefully they'll grow FAST because it's late for wee sprouts. Perhaps I'll container-garden them so they can be brought inside if needed-there's a thought.

Mother's day weekend was the usual chaos and madness. Friday, I half killed myself shopping for the perfect gift, a Lush boxed set called "Happy". Yummy, citrusy bath and skin products, top end. I love Lush stuff and if someone bought it for me I'd be ecstatic. Then I went food shopping, spending way too much money in Right By Nature, a new natural/organic grocery store near downtown Pittsburgh. Then to the mall to Penney's to pick up the rice cooker I'd ordered (I've never been able to cook rice) and a quick trip to Macy's to get myself a gorgeous purse that I couldn't get out of my mind since the first time I saw it. I'm not much on fashion and shoes and makeup but I am a sucker for a nice bag, and this is a nice bag.
I spent most of the day on Saturday cleaning and scrubbing carpets while Bob mowed grass. We got to cheer the Penguins on that night as they took a lead in the series 3 games to 2. Sunday I got up late but still managed to finish the kitchen, the bathroom, and prep as much food as I could to get it out of the way. Lovely daughter #2, Lena, came over with gifts of art that she made.
This gorgeous ceramic urn that she made-she is so gifted with ceramics! This piece was only her second completed piece! And she brought along her completed paintings from her painting class intending to paint over them. I talked her out of this one.

The assignment was to do their own "spin" on Manet's Luncheon on the Grass, which is a little disturbing.
I love how she twisted it. And her painting style is, I think, very original. She's really come a long way.
Anyhow, my mom came over about 4. She brought me a gift card from Barnes and Noble and some plant pots and dirt for my tomato sprouts. She didn't seem to like her gift much-her comment was "you're always buying me soap, is that a hint?" Sigh.

That was my grilled mixed veggies before cooking. YUM. Asparagus, eggplant, vidalia onion, cherry tomato, portabella mushroom, garlic and more garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. GOOD stuff. For real. The rice came out ok, not perfect, but better than I usually manage to cook rice. I put mung beans and finely chopped portabellas in the rice too. We had grilled chicken sausage and Tofurkey dogs (Daughter is a vegetarian) and a lovely salad and we actually managed to eat at the table, once I moved the flowers.
(mostly azaleas, fennel, and sage from the yard but a few leftovers from a "real" bouquet too.)

I was glad when the day was over and I could relax.

I finished one of the Kai Mei socks.


This pattern goes a lot faster than I'd expected but I could have made a lot longer leg. The yarn is from Dizzy Blonde studios, gorgeous colorways and the yarn is super soft. And what yardage! I think I'll have enough for a whole 'nother pair of socks when I'm done.

That's about it in crafting news. I'm seeing the surgeon, Dr. Greg Kinnear, on Friday for a followup and to get my stitches out. Hopefully things will be all normal after that. I miss going to the pool.

That about wraps up this week. Until next time, GO PENS!


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

isn't it exciting when seeds sprout? it always delights me!

Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you are pretty well recovered from the surgery. Cleaning carpets!

I love your daughter's painting.

KnittingReader said...

Your daughter is so talented! I love the urn.