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Saturday, February 06, 2010

It's winter and I'm wondering where I am

Took a week off without intending to. I still don't have much to say, not that that's any different, but the 365 thing is still happening so there's that. I was off Friday because I was hurling my guts out all night Thursday but it was just as well, because the snowstorm of epic doom happened starting Friday afternoon and I would not have wanted to try driving around in it at all.


We measured 23 inches of snow a little while ago, and I think it's stopped now. Hopefully the road crews can get out and also all the people with no power can get their power back, like my mom and her 7 birds who need heat. We're ok, we had a few flickers but other than pixelated cable and a slightly slower internet connection, no problem.


Another big piece of the apple tree came down and the way it looks out there now, there's going to be no dealing with it for at least a week or so-there's just too much snow. It's a huge piece of tree though and we're glad it didn't hit the house. The snow likely brought it straight down whereas wind would have taken it off at an angle. Not good in any case.

I can't tell you how weird it is to sit here typing looking at snow out the back window that were I sitting outside instead of in, would be up to my shoulders.


365 photos since last we met.

1/26, taken on my birthday "the roar of the greasepaint". My mom and Bob at Casbah, a dimly lit restaurant where we had my birthday dinner.
The roar of the greasepaint

1/27, "Pocket full of moon dust", another cell phone shot, of the moon with a ring around it.
pocket full of moon dust

1/28, "Memory of daylight", cell phone photo.
a memory of daylight

1/29, "Urban Excess". Who runs a fountain in the winter in Pittsburgh anyway?
Urban excess

1/30 "slush stalagmites". I couldn't really express how gross these were but it was unusual.
slush stalagmites

1/31 "Outside looking in", from our Mensa Post-Holiday party.
Outside looking in

2/1, "Escape"

2/2, "Industry"

2/3, "Some Drama", a skein of Sundara Yarn. Some knitters will understand the title, it's gorgeous yarn though and has obviously earned its reputation as a thing of beauty.
Some Drama

2/4, "The circle of wipe". I never promised all my photos would be good or in good taste.
the circle of wipe

2/5 "Sickbed".

And 2/6, "We are not alone"
we're not alone

The aforementioned party was nice. I was having a major blood sugar crash when I got there and was not fit for human consumption but improved after some food. I should really know better by now. I scored this gorgeous box in the gift swap.
shown here with a pound of handspun border leicester. I finished spinning that up last week-it was lovely.


I'm rather impressed that I managed to match it to the two skeins I did several months ago. Same weight, same look, same twist, same everything.

I've got 2 pair of socks on the needles right now but nothing worth showing.

Just because you can't have too many "corgis in the snow" photos.






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