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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I want to tell you just how much I love you

Finished my Honeybee Stole and a quick Annis, both from handspun.



It ended up being about seven feet long. I haven't done an official measurement yet but it's a big MFer.




There are a ton more pictures of both shawls on flickr-see the link on the sidebar.

My next project is another Annis out of the alpaca I spun for last year's Tour de Fleece. And I have a spinning project in the works, with this.


I split it evenly down the length (no idea how I did that, total luck as the weight is only off by one gram) and I'm going to spin as fine as possible then chain ply it and knit socks out of it, one going from yellow to purple and the other from purple to yellow. I love that combination.

In other news, Dylan got his wheelchair and is learning how to use it. We're also learning how to get him in it so it's right. It's a learning curve for all of us.

Here's a video of Dylan before the cart. It's kinda sad. Hence the cheerful music.

And here he is in the wheelchair, doing much better.

He was going to try to roll on the ground and we were all "NOOOOO".

Sorry for the jerky video, it was on my cell phone while I was walking. He really likes the cart.

Bob and I went to Fallingwater on our anniversary weekend, which was last weekend. Loved it. Haven't been there since I was a kid and it's awesome.



Of course while we were down there, we had to stop by Ohiopyle and see Cucumber Falls. It made me depressed that I couldn't go down the hill and walk around closer to the water, though.

By the time we got there I was done in, physically. It was a good day, though, topped off by a great dinner at La Cucina Dolce, a place I've been wanting to try.

Bob had trout with mussels and clams

and I had gnocchi.

The food overall was delicious. The beans and greens appetizer was outstanding. The crabcake appetizer was good, but pretty small for the price. The gnocchi dish I had would have been improved by not having some very assertive green olives battling the pancetta in the sauce for taste domination-I'd recommend they use a milder olive or a milder meat but it was really, really good. The service was good and we got a reservation a half hour ahead of our arrival so that was nice.

That's about it. It's hot and steamy in Pittsburgh this week and I'm broke, so no arts festival yet again this year. Maybe next time.


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Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love your new shawls!

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Beautiful knitting!