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Monday, February 20, 2012


I have many thoughts. Some are more coherent than others. I've been wanting to post about my Meniere's in general and my hearing loss specifically. I also want to post about having been a social outcast in the past and how it impacts my relationships and reactions to day to day living, since I've had some serious trouble with that of late. I end up coming here and thinking, though, why bother, and I post some pretty knitting photos or pictures of the cat or some yarn that I've spun and I'm done with it.

Is it laziness? Maybe. Is it not wanting to put too much of myself out there? Maybe. I'm not terribly concerned with being all private-like, I'm pretty much an open book. I think part of it is I'm still not used to this computer and typing on it can be a pain in the ass. But it makes up for it in other ways, like the ability to take it into my craft room and watch videos while I spin.

So in the meantime, some pictures.

I'm making a sweater, called Warriston. I have a lot more than this done but this is the most recent photo. The pattern is pretty brilliant. It has pockets!
I'm actually almost ten inches into the 17 inches of body I need to knit before dividing for the sleeves so it's going pretty fast.

I'm spinning too.
Photo on 2-19-12 at 5.15 PM
This is a lovely gradient BFL/Silk blend from Corgi Hill farm that is going to be a Tuscan Sunflower Shawl.

Biscuit and Biddy are kinda getting along better. Biddy loves the heater vent in the bathroom and so does Biscuit, so it leads to the occasional uneasy truce.

I have a new doggie sister, Daisy, a four year old terrier mix.
She seems pretty sweet.

And I got a new spindle. It was sparkly. It isn't a high precision instrument, but it is very pretty. It spins fast, but not long.P2181456

When we redid the craft room, we decided to use the old shoe caddy (which did not work for my shoes because my feet are too big) for miscellaneous storage. It ended up holding all the spindles easily, and some other stuff besides.

And this is the last pair of socks I made for myself, a month or so ago. I really like them, but the yarn seems to be fading fast. Shame. I loved the colors.

And today is my lovely daughter Lena's 28th birthday. Holy cow. Where does the time go?

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