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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Travels and Travails

Last weekend, Anna and her friend and I took a trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. I had a good time, despite some serious social anxiety/insecurity stuff that is still kind of bothering me. I took a lot of photos, I’ll link to the set at the end of this, but here are a few favorites.


Newborn lambs, literally born four hours before this photo was taken.

The crowd on Sunday.


Random adorable kid with alpaca.


Random adorable sheep in a hat.

I got some yarn…

And some fiber…

And two new spindles.


We stayed there all weekend, arrived Friday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon. Much more sensible than the mad dash to New York and back that Anna and I made in October.

In fiber news, I’m spinning a sock kit-this is one of Tsock Tsarina’s lovely kits and I figured if I’m going to be adventureous enough to knit one of her kits, I might as well go all the way and spin it too.


Making a lot of headway on the Tuscan Sunflower. I am going to go one more petal row than the pattern offers even in the larger version because I want to use most of the yarn. Hope that doesn’t end up being a mistake.


I love how lace always looks like cat yack before you block it.

I’m also making headway on the Cassis Cardi that I started over a year ago. Yes, that is a sleeve!


I think this year’s Ravelympics will be me doing a lot of WIP wrestling because I have a few long-term UFOs that need to be dealt with.

In slightly more grim news, the results of the nerve test are in and I have a cracking good case of peripheral neuropathy. My doctor prescribed neurontin but it is not helping. I see her in two weeks, perhaps we can come up with a plan, but from everything I’ve heard, once it gets going you can stop the progress but you can’t really roll it back. I hope I am wrong about that because it has me seriously messed up in the head. I don’t want to live with this kind of pain for the rest of my life.

In happier news, Anna is currently house, bird, and dog sitting for my mom and she made Mother’s day dinner. Lena and a friend of hers and her boyfriend came over too and we had a very nice afternoon with delicious food. I got to wear my awesome new dress.



Bob and I are going to Dayton for our wedding anniversary. The annual party where we got married seven years ago. It seems like only yesterday, and it’s our first trip away in a long time.


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