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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ice and Heat

Mostly photos this week.
lamb's ear
In the stark cold and ice, there was beauty.

alien life?
The ice confused mundane things, and turned them into things of wonder and weird mystery.


Weeping cherry
Life fought to persist within the cold shroud, and we all hope it succeeds.

Backyard steps
A landscape transformed, haunted.

mums in ice

what remains of a baby pear

pagoda or light fixture?

more ice flowers

In other news, we shared Valentine's day as a lazy, play-hooky day due to the ice storm that hit our area on Tuesday night and Wednesday. All in all, we got about six inches of snow, and about an inch of ice. The driveway is now passable, at last.

I finished Bob's Irish Hiking Scarf, it's lovely. He adores it. It was his Valentine's gift.
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I've started spinning some mohair blend roving to go with the next big project, a pinwheel sweater. I have a color scheme all planned out and the fiber to do it. I also made elder daughter a pair of fingerless mitts from Alpaca yarn for part of her birthday gift.

We had a good day today, celebrating elder daughter's birthday two days early. I took her to Trader Joe's and bought her groceries-she thought it was the best thing ever. We had Thai food and a wonderful chocolate torte. The Penguins won again, and that makes 16 games in a row without a loss. Younger daughter will be home in two weeks for her fall break. I love my husband beyond reason, and he feels the same. The Italian lessons go well. (Va bene!) Life is good, and complete.

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