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Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh, it's a froggy holiday with Buttercup...

This has been a good and frustrating weekend.

First, some photos of recent spinning, I seem to be a bit behind on those.

For the upcoming pinwheel sweater project, I've got these done. I have about 300 yards of each and enough for 300 more yards of each. These were batts from an ebay vendor, and they're marvelous. I'm very happy with the fiber and the finished result. The purple is 90/10 wool/mohair, and the pink is 70/30.





In the realm of purposeless therapy spinning, I started in on a multicolored roving that I've had in the stash for a while. I loved the run of the colors, and didn't want to ply it because I wanted maximum yardage. I got almost 500 yards out of it. It's between fingering and sport weight, but it's very curly. I weighted it when I set the twist, but it still curls a little. This yarn is very frustating.

daffodil single hanked
Gorgeous colors, a bad first experience with trying to create singles. Back to the drawing board with me.
As a side note, the book "spin to knit" is completely useless. Instead of giving you ways to fix this problem, it suggests you "enjoy it as the designer yarn it is!" Bah. I want to knit with it like a normal yarn.

So, I started an easy lace project with it, a stole in "overlapping waves" pattern. It looks like poopy. I think the needles are too big. I am not happy with it. So it's going to be frogged, and probably re-stashed until I can figure out what to do with it. It might just end up being plied anyway.

failed lace project
See? Not good. Maybe I should just do a scarf for my ex-boss out of it because she admired mine so, and call it a day. To the frog pond with you!

Having finally finished Bob's Brown Sheep Wildfoote socks, (finally finally! I will never knit with that again unless it's given to me for free! and even then I might have to consider carefully.) I started on a pair for myself out of Koigu.

Now, as we've discussed before, KPPPM (Koigu Premium Painter's Pallette Merino) is the caviar of handpainted sock yarn. It's beautiful. It has short runs of color that never pool or flash. Never.

old koigu sock

Leave it to me to be the weirdo. I continued knitting on them for a little while, considering what to do, and realized that if I was calling the colorway "bruises and tarnish", that I might be better off frogging.

So, seeing how gorgeous the colors DID act in the heel flap, I opted to Rip-It too, and started a pair of Jaywalkers.

the new koigu sock
So far, as you can see, SO much better. This will be my first pattern sock. I've already got adaptations planned, when I get to the heel , I'm going to revert to stockinette for the foot, because from what I've read, the pattern runs narrow, and I have wide feet.

I wanted to put it out there, as well, that Figment is an excellent shelf cat...

Biscuit is more than a little bit strange...
biscuit is weird.

And our dogs have a very, very hard life indeed.
it's a hard life...

a really hard life...

Until next time!

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