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Monday, March 12, 2007

long past time

Well, it's been a while. And as you can see, I lost patience with the other format. Actually, lost patience isn't quite the phrase I was seeking. What was it again? Oh yeah. Hate. I just dislike this one, active hatred isn't part of it. What makes me upset is all the wasted space over on the right of the screen that could be used as part of my text block, and I'm not 1) competent or 2) resourceful enough to fix. I've sent it to the resident computer expert, AKA Mr. Buttercup, to see if he can do anything with it.

This week has been somewhat hectic. Number two daughter was in for her spring break. I took her to Knit One and let her experience it. I also got her a kit for this.

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Cute, huh? She did it in one evening watching television. I told her she can avail herself of some of my sugar and cream cotton if she wants to make another one.

I've been making socks like a crazy woman. I finished my Jaywalkers, finally, after ripping them back three times. (I was doing the double decrease wrong and it looked wonky.) I could not be happier with these socks.
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They're heavenly soft, and they fit. The colors are amazing. The pattern is so easy that I immediately cast on another pair, with some modifications.
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This is Knitpicks Sock Memories in S'Mores. Instead of doing a knit front and back for the increases, I'm doing yarn overs. It should make for a stretchier leg.

All in all, it's been a week or so of successfully ripping out things and making other things out of them. The lace stole I started is in good progress at being a different, slightly narrower lace stole/scarf, and needs a few more rows before it's worthy of a picture, but it's coming along well. I've also done some spinning, some blue and green for the sweater project, and an alpaca/silk blend that was pure therapy spinning.

Really, though, I'm delighted just to have broken the ice for patterned socks. Not really that hard, after all! So much so, that I started Ostara Socks for the girls.
Lena's got one already made, in a simple cable pattern. I need her to try it on, though, before I make the second one, to make sure it fits.
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The actual color falls somewhere between these two.

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For Anna's, I'm using the pattern "Overlapping waves" from the stitch dictionary that I have.
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I'm doing the heel flap now and haven't decided if I'm going to continue the pattern down the foot or not. I'm kinda doing the math as I go, if it looks too complicated to continue the pattern I'll drop it.

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Bob brought me some wonderful roses for International Women's Day on Friday. He's a nice guy. And the roses are spectacular.

Things are waking up in the yard. We had a couple of good "sit outside and go aaaah" days over the weekend. Unfortunately, I'm having some vertigo issues with the change in weather. Not sure if it's allergies, congestion, or what, but I'm decidedly off-balance.

Figment got to spend some time outside, as well.
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We've had a good week and a half with Anna. She's pretty good company, when all is said and done. We've watched some good movies, I've cooked some darned good dinners, and we've continued to improve our relationship as mother and daughter. Easy to forget that those kinds of relationships need ongoing work too... how I wish MY mother would remember that sometimes. She never, ever calls me, she says it's up to me to call her since I'm the daughter. It's so hard not to be stubborn with her.

I don't have a whole lot else to say. I'm tired, dizzy, and not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, so I think I'm going to let this Meclazine take hold and go to bed early. Until next time...


girlsam said...

I happened to see your Irish Hiking scarf in the knitting community on live journal.

I love the color and I am thinking about doing my first Irish scarf using the same yarn as yours.Is there a specific yarn number or a color name ?when I googled , this is what I got .

And if you bought it online,could you pls suggest me a few sites to buy them from?I have never worked with this yarn before and infact I am a very new knitter and I have in all worked with 2 yarns so far.

Thank you.sorry I tracked you all the way here

Jamie Fritz said...

I got my cascade eco wool at my local yarn store. I think Webs ( has about the best price on Cascade Eco wool, but any good worsted weight wool will work.
Don't be scared of any pattern, it all breaks down to the same thing, knits and purls. I've only been knitting since June!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jamie.Is there a specific yarn number or a color name for the yarn that you used?


Jamie Fritz said...

Hi, I don't remember the exact color, but I think it was called silver. It was very silvery looking!