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Monday, March 26, 2007

Not much new...

Just trying to get by day to day.

The weather's turning and I'm trying to get enthused about the yard.

We got our first daffodils this week, and that was exciting. Quite the little gathering of mini-daffs and crocuses out front.

I sat outside spinning today for about two hours. It was great. The dogs got hopelessly tangled up around the tree at least four times, then I found out that the neighborhood yellow jackets are also waking up and I haven't dealt with their nests yet. So it was back inside. I hate having to get rid of them but I'm allergic-one sting from a wasp of any kind could put me in the hospital and I can't afford that.

It's still very muddy out, but Lake Fritz out in the back yard has pretty much dried up. The grass is coming in nice and green now, and you can really tell that everything's waking up. Yesterday, I watched a hawk chase two crows out of the woods. He was honking and quacking almost like a duck, I've never heard a hawk make such noises, but it was definitely him. I wonder if we'll have baby hawks this year? Sure hope so. We have a nest of black capped chickadees under the front porch awning, too. I put a feeder there for them, but the only birds I've seen in the feeder have been cardinals. Bold things. The cats sit on the piano and just watch the birds on the feeder, fascinated. Another case of not having the camera ready when the opportunity arises.

I made socks for the kids for spring. I'm also working on socks for my mother, and spinning the last couple of skeins for the pinwheel sweater. I'm hoping to get it done before it's completely too hot to wear a sweater! It'll definitely be an outerwear type thing, I'm going to invent pockets for it and figure out a unique closure if I can. Might consult my mother on that one.

Here's the kids' socks.

Anna's used the "overlapping waves" pattern.

And Lena's were cabled. They both liked them a great deal.

Saturday was the "baby shower" for the Western PA Wildlife Center. We went for an hour or so, it was chilly and raining off and on.

They seemed to have a decent turnout in spite of it.

Well, back to spinning. No profound thoughts today, just gratitude for the warmth and the flowers and the sunshine and all the things that are good and right in my life.

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