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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time.

Wow, you turn around and it's been three, four weeks since you updated.

Things are much the same, yet different. We joined a pool...

They have an indoor pool as well, which will be nice in the cooler months.

Let's see.. Younger daughter was in for a week and we had some fun. She got some rest and some driving practice in. We had a nice cookout on Sunday with lots of charred meat products. I made cheddar bratwurst, italian sausage, chicken breast, and apple-gouda chicken sausage.

And bool kogi.

We also had some wonderful pasta salad and a great tossed salad that had everything but the kitchen sink in it.

In things fiberish, I've been doing quite a bit of spinning and just a little knitting. I'm hoping to have photos soon, just haven't had time or motivation to shoot lately.

Here's a brief garden tour, too. The daylilies are in full frenzy.

These are big, huge, fragrant orange lilies that I've been taking from one house to the other with me since at least 1992. For comparison, here's a standard "shithouse" or roadside tiger lily.

The deep pink/purple ones I got from Trax last year are in bloom, and are they ever gorgeous. I'll definitely be going back there for more daylilies, now that I know how good their stock is.

This yellow one my Mom got from her neighbor several years ago and shared with me. It's a big sucker, too. Reminds me of lemon cookies for some reason.

Here are some forget-me-nots...

and a snapdragon.

The snapdragon was a cutting we got from Phipps Conservatory.

And this rose I thought we lost in the late freeze, but it's coming back. Yay!

And finally, some "moonbeam" coreopsis.

I really wish I had more energy for weeding and garden maintenance. Maybe next year. So many weeds...

I will try to update again soon, once I get fiber photos done. I'm doing some interesting things with cotswold again!


Alisa Knits! said...

Which pool is that?

And I will never get over how lovely your garden is.

Jamie Fritz said...

Dude my gardens are a mess, it's the flowers that are pretty. Weeds all over the place.

The pool is the Olympic Swim Club in Penn Hills. I chose it because you can pay by the month, the quarter, the half-year, or the year, and they're pretty reasonable.