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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

drive by photos

I was going to blog again today but I got caught up watching I Claudius and didn't. I took an ice day today to avoid falling down and breaking my other leg.

So here's Bob's hat.



I think Bob looks a little scary in the second one. Menacing. Which is so not him.

Here's the roses he brought me for my birthday.


Here's some scenes from our dinner on Sunday.

My mom and Lena, Lena by herself, and Bob and I.




I don't photograph very well. Ugh.

Anyway, here's some snow from today.


(That's the sage patch.)




And this one which kinda makes my head hurt.


That's it. Off to watch hockey.


cosymakes said...

it was crazy out there!!

and the hat looks fabulous :)

mehitabel said...

Still, kind of envying your snow. We are due to set heat records today and I am SO not a heat lover! I think you look happy in your picture and that's what's important--I photograph really badly and have been known to tell my kids not to take my picture when I'm having a bad day! They worry that the grandkids won't know I was there if I'm not in the pic...

Batty said...

That's a great man hat! They can be so very... conservative when it comes to knits. This is just perfect.

Lovely roses, and you don't photograph badly at all. Look at that smile... you're glowing. That's the important thing.