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Monday, January 19, 2009


In the end part of a lovely five day vacation here. I've gotten a few things accomplished, mainly a semi-organization and decrudding of the dog/craft room. The dogs, the spinning stuff, the yarn, and the upstairs books live in one of the spare bedrooms (we have two at the moment) and it was getting to the "dump stuff in, close the door, and run away" phase. So I got that wrangled mostly. It's a long way from perfect but you can see the floor, and if I wanted to sit in there and spin, I could do so.

Also got the kitchen mostly better. Again not perfect but we had ten zillion stupid plastic containers and ten zillion lids and none of them seemed to match. I sorted out the ones that matched and put the rest in recycling.

Laundry is ongoing. I still have to pay bills tonight, but I'm really not looking forward to that as I went a little crazy at Trader Joe's on Saturday. Fortunately we should get a decent tax return this year.

I am really looking forward to starting the pool membership. I think it'll do Bob and I a lot of good, even if I can only get there a couple of days a week. We were going to start this weekend but we got snow and were busy and it was WAY too cold most of the time. I haven't even started my car since I parked it (halfway up the driveway due to snow) on Thursday. I'm going to try to at least get it the rest of the way up tomorrow because I leave before Bob in the morning and he needs to get his car in ahead of mine... where I am now, there's no room for him to get around even if the driveway was free of snow and ice which it isn't.

I finished the socks I was starting last time. They're just a simple diamond texture-done toe up on size three w/magic loop. Very soft and squishy. Should be quite warm, too.


Couldn't resist shooting them in the snow. It was so perfect for the yarn. I made one bigger in the ankle and leg so it will fit puffyfoot okay.

I like them-can't wait to wear them.

I've done more on Bob's sweater though you can't really tell. Didn't bother to photograph it. Also started a scarf from some Silky Merino Malabrigo that I had in stash. I was sorting through everything in the dog/craft room project and couldn't resist making something out of it.


It feels as soft as it looks.

Speaking of soft, I also spun some cashmere, which I don't think I'll do again unless it's a blend. The staple was way too short, like cotton, and it took a lot of concentration for not so great a result, though it is as soft as kitten sighs.

I may like it better knit up. We shall see. I'm thinking either a cowl or some fingerless mitts-it's about 140 yards of fingering/sport weight. Not much to work with.


Other than that things are copacetic here. My birthday is next week. I'm coming to terms with the idea that I'm actually pushing 50. I guess I should start calling myself middle-aged now. I don't feel it, though.

Biscuit made a funny picture trying to get himself under the desk. Needless to say he didn't do a very good job of hiding.

And I also snapped Lily languishing in our bed.

She has such a tough life. She really does. Any dog would tell you so.

In closing, a photo taken out our back door. The snow is pretty, even if I hate it for walking and driving any more.


Sure wish I could go out and enjoy it. Ah well, maybe next year.


Meowser said...

That Silky Merino yarn looks good enough to EAT! Did you dye that yourself?

Jamie Fritz said...

Meowser, how I wish! It came that way, the color's called "Bahia". Nom nom nom.

Meowser said...

Damn it, now I want some. Like I'll even get to use it for five more Tisha B'avs anyway, what with everything else that's waiting to be done. Argh.

mehitabel said...

I agree, that Silky Merino is yum! I love colorways like that even if I can never think of anything to make with them. Love the cat-butt photo and Lily is adorable (is she a Cardigan or a Pembroke?) but then I love corgis! And the snow, well, since we've mostly had unseasonal and hideous heat here, it almost made ME cry!

Jamie Fritz said...

Mehitabel, Lily is a pembroke, one of two we've adopted. She's a former puppy mill brood bitch and knows her life is great now!