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Monday, June 13, 2011

But I guess I'm already there

Midsummer already. Where does the time go?

Not a lot going on here. Younger daughter is considering moving back to the area, which I would love, but is not decided yet. I'm trying not to freak out and become psychomom about it but I really miss her and I truly believe she has a thousand times more opportunity here than in Tennessee. Plus, Tennessee is getting really scary lately with the whole war on women thing.

Anyway, in my opinion, home is always better.

Although where would I be if Bob thought that way?

Speaking of Bob, our garden is doing well.



The zucchini is already about four times bigger than that photo.

I finished the May Mystery shawl.


The beads look nice, I think.



One huge difference I've noticed this year with the rain then the heat, is our flowers are going completely wild growing out of control. Especially the roses.


Four huge blooms at once on the "Love and Peace" rose, which usually only gets one bloom at a time.


The daylilies are going to be prodigious this year too. Sadly, the weeds are most prodigious of all.

Bob and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last weekend. He gave me a lovely bracelet with amethyst and silver. I didn't get him anything because I opted to be incredibly selfish and buy myself a Nook e-reader that I'd been saving up for. I did buy a lot of really nice groceries, so I wasn't totally selfish. I really never know what to get him, though. I feel more and more guilty about it as time goes on, which accomplishes exactly nothing.

The weekend prior to our anniversary, we went out on a Groupon date. I had purchased two tickets for the price of one on a Gateway Clipper cruse, a discount for dinner at an Indian restaurant, and discounted frozen yogurt. It was a decent cheap date. The Indian food was not so great and the service was even worse. But the cruise was awesome as was the yogurt, so it worked out.


These little girls were just too adorable.

The perspective of the city from on the water is always interesting.





This giant herd of catfish hangs out under the "No Fishing" sign at the Gateway Clipper dock, begging for popcorn and being more social than I've ever seen fish being.


Literally begging.

So that was a nice day.

In medical news, I finally got my support stockings so I can wrap up the bad leg in compression and stop the damage to my skin and stuff. I got them Friday, after three full days I can already see a considerable difference. I should never have waited so long. It feels so much better. And since I don't give a shit what it looks like, the only thing I won't wear it with is shorter dresses.

Also, I got put on low dose progesterone to try to regulate some of the unpleasant menopausal type things that I've been experiencing. No results yet on that but it hasn't been a week so we shall see.

All in all, things are ok. Not awesome, but not horrible. We're surviving. Bob is working way too hard, I'm stressed out over the coming Mensa RG, but all in all, we're ok, and sometimes that's all you can ask for.

Edited to add-last week, I got my 75,000th blog visitor. Said visitor was from Loveland, Colorado, and arrived via the Daily Knitter website, checking out my scrappy mitts with flounce pattern. Happy Knitting, knitter from Loveland! And thanks to my small but mighty readership for putting up with me.

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