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Monday, March 26, 2012

Summer awakening

Been about two weeks since I posted so I thought an update was in order.

I have a nerve conduction test coming up on Monday-I'm somewhat nervous about the test and also about what the results will show. I am very concerned about my hands and feet-the numbness is starting to affect my quality of life. I can't feel things in my purse or pockets without seeing them. My balance is worse than ever because of the numbness in my feet and walking even short distances is getting pretty difficult. It's scary. But I'm trying to relax about it a little since there is nothing I can do until the results come back.

Needless to say, I am really worried about this impacting my ability to knit and spin.

But anyway. The weather was really warm the past couple of weeks, into the 70s and even 80s every day. Yesterday it started to get more normal so I was able to work on the sweater some more. I have attached the sleeves and am working the raglan decreases so I hope to be done soon. I don't anticipate being able to wear it until fall, though. I don't tolerate heat very well, despite the fun new tendency of my feet and hands to be freezing cold. During the hot spell, I finished off the spinning for the sunflower shawl and started knitting it.


About 1400 yards of laceweight two ply, ten ounces. Here's a photo where you can see the gradient effect.


Man, was it a pain in the ass to start knitting. I am NOT good at circular cast ons, but it's going and I think it will be fine when blocked.


We joined the pool again! I'm excited about it, I love to swim and it can only help. Every time I get into a pool my bad leg shrinks dramatically and I am so much more able to move freely. I can bend, stretch, walk, and swim and it feels so darn good it's ridiculous.

Some early outdoor yard photos from the summer preview we had.

Anna got these adorable little solar lanterns for the front steps.

And a sure sign of spring-the turkeys are back!

will update again when I can!

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Jackie Gorski said...

Good luck on your nerve conduction test, Jamie.

I love the new solar lanterns, and appreciate the turkey pics, especially with the approaching cold snap tonight. I covered my blueberry bushes with pillowcases (LOL) but everything else will just have to fend for itself. Pray for clouds...