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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

They All Fall Down

Things are really coming to a head for me lately healthwise. Last week at work, I fainted. That’s a first for me, even back in my misspent youth when I was drinking heavily and doing inadvisable drugs while not eating, I never passed completely out. I passed completely out. I stood up from my desk, went to get a drink of water, everything went fuzzy, and I hit the floor. Woke up to find people fussing over me and my face feeling like it was on fire. It broke my fall, apparently. They called an ambulance and away to the hospital I went. Nothing broken, no heart or stroke issues, likely prognosis was dehydration due to the chronic gastric issues I’ve been having lately. So I have stern warnings to hydrate and a no-nonsense referral to a gastroenterologist.


My face is all black and blue and I have nine stitches behind my ear where my glasses ripped the skin away. It hurt like a mofo. I still can’t sleep on that side. My cheekbone is numb and hurts all around it. The doctor said I probably bruised that one facial nerve that hurts like battery acid when you do anything to it. I’m mostly ok now but it was a profoundly scary experience.

Adding to that fun is that I went to a neurologist for a consult on this neuropathy and the news is not good. Nothing to be done about it. It’s permanent and the best I can do is hope to keep it from getting any worse. Which entails keeping my blood sugar in a totally unrealistic place for me. He ordered some more detailed blood work and is going to see if something else is up that can cause the leg cramps I’ve been fighting for a while. It’s all very depressing and boring and I’ve said enough.

I spun some alpaca

I made an alpaca neck warmer/cowl...


...and I’m working on a shawl out of the yarn Bob got me for our anniversary.
I think it’ll be pretty even though I’m having to heavily adapt the pattern because I hate it. I’m also finishing up some BFL/Silk blend that I started on a spindle and am contemplating my next spinning project. Because I am going to run out of time way before I run out of fiber. That’s a fact, jack.


Mary Ellen said...

Ouch, scary! I hope your bruise and stitches heal, and that you feel better all around. The alpaca you spun is lovely!

Mo said...

I hope you heal quickly from your bad fall.

Your yarn looks lovely!