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Saturday, July 07, 2012

I want to ride it where I like

So the Tour de Fleece is underway. That means I am spinning, spinning, and spinning some more. Two skeins down and who knows how many more to go.

For the second year, I am spinning all Corgi Hill fibers, except for my traveling project, which is the Tsock Tsarina kit I got at MDSW.

The first skein was a UFO, I had one and a bit more plies done. I've been doing this a little at a time on my Fibership spindle so I finished it off, then plied it on the wheel. Huge yardage, 760 yards. The fiber is BFL/silk.


I'm pretty happy with it except I still need to add more plying twist even when I think I don't.


Pretty impressive yardage.

The second skein, didn't work so well for me, although the end result is good.


It's a merino/silk/yak blend. Also from Corgi Hill, this is one of the prizes I won for last year's tour. I only got about 300 yards out of it. It was hard to draft, I think the staple was weird for me, I was just glad to see the end of it. I did add adequate plying twist to this one, though.

The next one is a polwarth/silk blend, gradient, from bright teal through yellow into bright grass green. Not as jewel tone subdued as the prior two. Gotta mix it up now and then.

Needless to say all knitting projects are on hold until after the tour. I haven't decided if I'm going to knit in the Ravellenic Games yet.

Things are status quo otherwise, no further fainting spells and I've been careful to stay hydrated especially in this heat we've been having. We renewed our pool membership for another three months and plan to continue that as much as possible. Bob really gets a lot out of it and a day like today, it was wonderful to just get into the pool up to my neck in water, anything else was extra.

We've harvested our first green beans and our first tomatoes. (three wee cherry tomatoes but it counts!) The squash plants are fighting for life in the heat. We shall see if we get anything out of it. The collard greens look ok so far but it's hard to tell, they're small yet. Next year, we need to plant earlier.

We went to the Big Butler Fair last weekend. It was nice. Hot but nice. We saw a lot of horses, sheep, pigs, etc. A nice family day out.
P6302013Will update again soon!

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