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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Half a blog is better than none...

It's been over a week and no update. I started several times. Attempted to come up with something pithy and meaningful. No such luck.

So just a brief update, in the Flylady milieu of "work done imperfectly still blesses your family" or some such muck.

The sweater's trucking along. I'm down to the sleeves now. I started one by picking up and knitting along the armhole, but I am not crazy about how it looks. I'm going to rip it back, and follow the pattern as recommended this time. Perhaps not ideal, but better than having a funky looking sweater that I'll never wear. It's knitting up nicely, though.
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That's the back and part of the front.

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And that's a closeup of the yarn and the fabric. Pretty, huh?

Saturday was younger daughter's 21st birthday.
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We took her to Damon's for her first drink, where she managed to lose her wallet. No money in it, but a lot of inconvenience.
My family is pretty weird, sometimes.
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I leave you for now with flowers, and a cat. Here's to better cheer in the days ahead, and a long trip towards being well again that might just begin some time soon.
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