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Saturday, April 07, 2007

april snow showers

This weather sucks. A high of 40? Last weekend I was sitting out in the yard getting a sunburn, now it's snowing. Ugh.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system...

Many crafty things have occured since last I updated. I finished my mom's Quill Lace socks...

Detail of the lace pattern...

even more detail-I love the colors in the yarn when it's outside.

I wasn't crazy about the striping but it's not that noticeable and it probably only bothers me.

Also made up a pair of simple ribbed bedsocks for my grandmother. The yarn is the handspun in Steeler colors that I blogged about a while back, it made a nice squishy firm sock that will keep her feet nice and warm. Her circulation makes them cold, and since she's not going to be doing much walking in them, it won't hurt that the yarn is both spun more woolen, and 100% merino. I doubt she'll have time to wear them out.

I've made good progress on the pinwheel sweater. I'll be doing the sleeve openings within the next three or four rows.

It's getting pretty ungainly. I'm already using the 60 inch cable and I don't have a bigger one. In fact, knitpicks doesn't make a bigger one. As is the nature of these type of projects, the further along I get, the longer it takes for each row, so I'm entering frustrationland. It looks like it's going to be a great sweater, though, I'm sure I'll finish it and hopefully within the next week. On size nine needles it doesn't take long and the sleeves should be a breeze.

Anna, my #2 daughter, is in for Easter. We've been doing some productive talking. I'm pretty concerned about her being prepared for real life... somehow I think I've
shortchanged both of my daughters in that regard. Probably a common worry of parents everywhere.

Last week, while it was so warm and sunny, I took some photos of the weeping cherry tree. With this cold snap, I'm surprised it hasn't lost its blooms yet. If it makes another day it will be marginally warmer here. Keep fingers crossed! Anyway, here are some flowers, and some happy insects to close.

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Fernmonkey said...

I came here from Knitting Curmudgeon to have a look at your pinwheel. I love the colours.

I'm finishing my own pinwheel sweater at the moment - more than halfway through the second sleeve and really looking forward to getting it done. The last few rows are a pain to knit - you have to scrunch it up to fit it on the needle, and the huge stretches of mindless stockinette are really dull - but it's immensely satisfying to bind off.

Here's a WIP picture of mine. I decided to block it before putting the sleeves in.