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Monday, April 30, 2007

No re-ply at all

While the world went by, I have been fiber-mad. The sun is beautiful, and our grass is growing entirely too fast. As have way, way too many of these...

I've never seen dandelions come up so fast and so thick, and it's not just our yard.

The cotswold locks that I spun a while ago have become the base for a fulled handbag.

Needs a bit more fulling, but I want some stitch definition to remain. I've bought the lining material, so once the shape and condition of the fabric is what I want, all that I'll have to do is assemble.

I do like the way that it knit up.

Remember this?
daffodil single hanked
I have tried and tried to find a project for it, to no avail. So yesterday, I took it out and plied it with a rainbow dyed #10 crochet cotton.
It looks really neat, I think.

The colors of the cotton run through the colors of the wool and it's a nice effect, as well as making the yarn itself much more pleasing to handle and to work. I guess I'm just not destined to make singles yet.
I have enough to get a nice sized spring shawl out of it so that's what I started.

That opened the door to wanting to try plying with commercial elements, though. The next thing I tried was a set of very small batts that I had. Lovely things, a blend of alpaca and angora. About two ounces, not enough to do anything of substance with, and I had nothing that I wanted to ply it with, so i plied it with sewing thread.

I think it balanced out the skein nicely. There's about 200,220 yards there and it's soft, soft, soft. I don't think it will be very durable but it will make a lovely scarf.

And it was a good learning experience.

One last plying experiment, more crochet cotton, this time with a lime/neon green roving.

About 300 yards. It's gorgeous. No idea what to do with it, but it's "wow" pretty.

For what it's worth, I hated the single. Hated the green color. Too bright. The rainbow cotton certainly doesn't calm it down at all, if anything it makes it even brighter, but I love it all the same.

Still slogging along on the pinwheel sweater. I've had to put it down for a few days, it's making me insane with it's never ending circles. Over an hour for two rows... I will have it for the fall. I do not think it'll get done this spring.

My traveling sock project is just a pair of quill lace in Cascade Fixation, these are for me and are in a solid turquoise. I've just turned the heel of the second so they'll be done soon. My dear friend M gets a pair next. She loved the ones I was working on and I promised her a pair so she'll get the multi-colored Fixation. These are quick socks. Very rewarding, too.

Until next time-

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