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Monday, April 23, 2007

from a sunburned monday

Over the weekend, I spent a bit too much time in the sun and boy howdy, am I paying the price now! This too shall pass, but I honestly don't remember ever getting a burn this severe in April.

In crafting, not much new. The pinwheel sweater of doooooom marches on. It's up to 488 stitches per round now. I think I have about 36 more rounds to go, maybe slightly more, before I can bind off the main body and get ready to do the sleeves. Two rows take me an hour-slightly more than 30 min to purl, slightly less than 30 to knit. So, what's that, 18, 20 hours more of knitting on the body of it? Yeah. If we get some cool nights in May, I might get to wear it...

I cast on a purse from the yarn I posted about last week-the cotswold locks. Just a simple clutch with plastic handles. I'm planning to full it rather than felt it, just to get it denser but still leave some texture and stitch definition. I also spun up the "other" colors, the green/brown/burgundy/peach bunch. It's a photogenic so and so.

Very pretty, but very scratchy. NOT suitable for next-to-skin wear. I'm glad I did the experiment, though, because it made me a better spinner and I learned a lot by working with this type of fiber.

In other news, the cats have thoroughly tested and approved the new furniture. (Last week, we went to Ikea and got Ektorped.)

(I got a little carried away because they were making me die of cute.)

Then Biscuit does this weird thing with his feet all the time...

Lily did get her turn in the chair...

But I think Dylan prefers the couch.

Lily is all like "whatevah!"

I've had Marx brothers movies on all day. Interesting background noise. I'm trying to avoid profound thoughts.

And now, the sunshine is back out!


Anonymous said...

absolutely adorable. thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

ahh, a corgi?? Adorable! I'm jealous of your stash, btw. Umm...and your doggie. Always wanted a corgi.