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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a week...

Last week, we discovered an invasion of mice in the garage. We've been slowly cleaning it out, as much as we can manage at a time. I'm extremely grossed out and disgusted with myself for allowing this to happen in our home.

Then, Saturday, Bob's car was leaking transmission fluid. That's where I lost track of all rational thought. We went to the OTB to watch the Derby as we'd planned, and we spent the rest of the weekend panicking and worrying. Transmission + 13 year old car = diminishing returns. Poor Bob was freaked out, I was freaked out, and I came down with a sinus infection just to add to the fun. We got very lucky; it turned out it was only a hose, but notice has been served-we must start saving up and financially preparing for Bob to get a new car, and soon.

Just not from Valley Honda. Their customer service sucks, and apparently people with emergency-type repairs take a lower priority because they "didn't have an appointment". Thanks, next time we'll make sure the car breaks down on schedule, ok?

So we're on to pretty pictures of pretty things.

I finished my quill lace socks. They're not really this short.

I also finished the fulled purse. Just today, in fact. It's kinda cute-not ideal, but a good first purse. The colors are great, the shaping is ok, and the handles slide around. I think I just need to tighten the stitching around them.

I still think it's somewhat a work in progress, but overall it's a cute little bag.

Did some spinning this week, too. I got some lovely roving from Mountain Shadow Ranch on ebay, 8 oz of Cotswold roving and a "mystery batt". The roving is trying to be sock yarn.

The mystery batt became the prettiest yarn I ever spun. It contained a lot of different fibers and a lot of sparkle. Would have been unsuited for anything knitted all by itself, plus I wanted maximum impact from what I had. So, I spun it into a single, then thought about it for a while. Red and royal purple were the two colors that it wanted to be mixed with, but I wasn't completely happy with it only with one or the other. So, I alternated equal size strips of this royal blue with a nice deep red. Then, that single got plied with the mystery batt single.

It's really quite spectacular, I think. It's about 240 yards.

I'll leave you with some flowers from our yard.

(Anyone who knows what this is, I'll send you a bag of bulbs of it. I have TONS.)

The sage is doing well.

Oh, and cat and daughter photos. Here's elder daughter being claimed by Figment.

Younger daughter is in for the week. She'll be getting her wisdom teeth extracted on Friday, then back to school on Sunday to start work on Monday. She'll be staying in a boarding house owned by the college for the summer, with occasional weekends home.

Off to bed-it's been a long couple of days and I'm exhausted.


nytesong said...

Is it Ornithogalum boucheanum?

nytesong =)

p.s. btw, i've moved from lj...i'm just not very satisfied with it:

nytesong said...

i think common name might be star of bethelehem. --Ornithogalum umbellatum?? there's lots of variations of this flower =s

nytesong (again)