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Saturday, May 26, 2007

What does it cost?

Lots of things going on.

The yard and gardens are waking up. I've not lost as much as I feared, and some things are coming back even stronger than before. Case in point... sage.

And strangest of all, I seem to have two different colors of flowers from the same seeds I planted two years ago. Last year, there were only purple flowers.

But now there are pink ones as well.

I planted some tomatoes last week. Two "Mr Stripey" heirloom and three cherry bushes.

My brain is not working properly-last year, I saved seeds from heirloom tomatoes that I bought at the farmers market, and I forgot to plant them. It's far too late now. Maybe next year... if I remember.

The irises are coming up very nicely. As is the columbine.

The wegelia bloomed in profusion, it must have really liked getting trimmed.

And I did up some hanging baskets myself. They don't quite look "right" yet, they're not all grown in, but this one isn't too bad.

They'll all look better in a couple of weeks.

Recent spinning includes my very first sock yarn from that Cotswold roving...

And some superwash merino I got from etsy not long ago.

Here they are side by side for "grist comparison".

I actually went to a local spin-in last night, it was pretty amazing. It was incredibly tough for me to actually go meet with these people. Hell, lately it's a huge effort to even go out of the house at all. But I went, and I'm glad. They were so nice, and an old friend showed up too, it was nice to see her as well. The ladies there were pretty impressed that I taught myself to spin "over the internet", but I told them there were lots and lots of us out here with no other spinners to learn from. I guess I didn't embarrass myself too much, even though I felt like I was trying way too hard and as usual I was awkward and loud and clumsy and talked too much.

This is Millie with her "Wee Peggy" wheel and another woman who makes gorgeous jewlery and was spindle-spinning with us. I can't remember her name.. I'm awful with names.

Here's my old friend Shari with her Schacht (the wheel of my dreams, btw), a woman who knits mittens and whose name I can't recall, and our hostess Valerie. Her home was beautiful, and she also had a Schacht wheel which I got to try, and which was amazing.

Anyway, from what I can see, I'm actually spinning correctly, though. I'd still like to get a more versatile wheel with more range, and I'd like to learn some different techniques too. At least now I know some people who also spin and can answer questions, or at least know which way to point me.

I'm almost done with Melissa's socks and should have photos of them soon. Not much knitting getting done this week, the weather's been too hot for what I'm working on now. Our friend Mary Lee is getting a birthday present that I need to finish posthaste.

So that's about it for now. I've probably got a lot more to say but I need to get my feet up, I'm having weather-related edema and the swelling's getting pretty bad.
I also have to get this gift done, less than a week until I have to deliver it!

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Alisa Knits! said...

Your flowers are stunningly beautiful.

I'll never understand, though, how some people are able to grow magnificent fardens, when I can't even keep a bloody cactus alive.