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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

This weekend is the second anniversary of our wedding. It was the best day of my life so far.

My husband has stood with me through a lot of difficult things so far, and I know it's not been easy for him. He's a wonderful man.

Recent knitting completions... Melissa's socks.

Yes that's quill lace again... this time in a hand-dyed destash acquisition. Amy, are you still checking in? If so, here's your yarn!

Melissa is my best friend. She's been fighting brain cancer for a very long time. Three years ago, her tumor went malignant, and she's been under various forms of chemo ever since. I fear greatly for her just now. She's a wonderful person, funny, bright, talented... and very, very sick. I'm trying not to despair but it's not looking very hopeful just now... her most recent MRI is not promising.

Between her and my grandmother fading fast, it's going to be tough to enjoy this weekend away with friends. I am tempted to stay home, but I made a committment to this event and I need to follow through with it.

I also need to deliver this, a gift to our dear friend Mary Lee, the woman who married us.

She has a fondness for black and white stripes, and also for flying pigs. Last year I gave her crocheted flying pigs. This year, it's a scarf.

But there is more to this scarf than meets the eye...

Turn it to the side and....

Voila! Like magic!

I even did a piano key motif in the fringe, you'll notice. The pattern is called Counterpoint, and it's from Magknits online knitting magazine.

Last weekend was rather idyllic, if hot.

The peonies opened.

This is a wild sage that is growing on the back hill in profusion. Go, wild sage!

And the pansies in the basket are doing well.

I'm trying to not be desperately afraid this weekend. I'm trying to enjoy my time off, my precious time with my husband and our friends. Shadows cast themselves over us, though. I will be keeping my telephone close.


Amy said...

Ooh, my yarn! How exciting! Those socks look lovely. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, I hope that the socks lift her spirits a bit.

And, happy anniversary.

Jamie Fritz said...

Hey Amy!
Thanks! I'm anticipating using the orange/green one soon as well-it was a joy to knit with.