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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fast food for thought

Not much to say. It's been a busy week. My younger daughter was in from school and she had her wisdom teeth out on Friday, then back on Sunday for her summer job with the maintenance department of the school and her internship. I really miss her, I'm used to her being here over the summer.

My husband had some medical tests yesterday that came back fine, so that's a relief.

I'm making socks and still the same shawl (now determined to be for my former supervisor, who is retiring) and the pinwheel sweater. Always the pinwheel sweater.

I wanted to share this remarkable story about a brave mother who was a hero to her child. Seven months pregnant, she nearly lost her own life saving her young son, but they both made it out of a horrific trailer house fire. A good read, guaranteed.

There was a friendly friend in the yard today when I got home.

What a little cutie, huh?

Once I got outside, he ran off, but not before I took this.

Not making any promises, I'm hoping to do a better update later in the week. No time today.

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