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Monday, June 11, 2007

too much to say

I'm still processing the passing of my Grandmother last weekend. Her funeral was Wednesday just past and I'm still not used to the world without her in it. I have a lot to say on the subject, but not today... my thoughts are still too scattered and incomplete, and frankly my emotions are too raw as well. So I'll just post pictures of yarn. I have no motivation to do anything else just now... and that's another subject I'm going to have to face down soon.

In between finishing projects, I've managed to do some spinning. Here's three recent skeins. All are superwash merino.

The first two are from roving bought from a very nice Etsy shop, Honeybear Army. She appears to have no stock at the moment, but keep checking back.

First up is this gorgeous blue clouds yarn,

241 yards of soft, wooly, sproingy yarn. It was a joy to spin.

Next is this citrus pink yarn, same great quality roving, a dream to spin and slightly thinner, about a sport weight, 295 yards.

And finally, this dreamy green/blue

This one is from Jenya Loves Fiber on ebay. Her stuff is great and very reasonably priced. She gets some very nice color combinations going. This was more of a combed top than a roving and spun smoother-I still have another coil of the roving which I hope will spin about the same amount of yarn, 191 yards.

Currently, I'm spinning up multicolored mill-end fiber in browns. It reminds me of a chocolate sundae.

Should ply up nicely.

I also spun some really really thin singles to see if I could and I could... but I think I'll leave laceweight spinning to the pros, as I don't have the patience for it right now. Also experimented making my first three ply. It turned out well, but it was somewhat harder to control than two.

I'm also seriously considering a new wheel. I'm eyeing a Fricke single treadle since I tend to treadle with one foot anyway. I love my Babe, but it just isn't precise enough for where I'm headed as a spinner. The Fricke comes highly recommended, too.

More soon.

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