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Monday, October 15, 2007

One beautiful day...

Nice weekend we had here. The weather was good. Saturday, we went to the opera. It was the season opener, and they were doing Madama Butterfly. It had to be one of the best staged operas I've ever seen. It was literally on water, with little footbridges going to the main part of the stage. Bob enjoyed it very much, too. It was his first Italian opera. The plot now, that's another story. Sexist, racist, classist, you name it, it offended it. The music was gorgeous. The singers were fantastic. The costumes just ruled.

Also, it was one of those perfect "dates" where I remember how very much I love Bob and what a wonderful force he's been in my life, and I notice how fantastic he looks in his suit and what a gentleman he is and the whole thing just makes me all weak in the knees like a newlywed again. But enough about that.

Here's the yarn I made out of the rolags I made out of the cotswold locks that I had left over.
chain plied cotswold

I beat the hell out of it when I was setting the twist, and it really did make it much softer.
chain plied cotswold

and here's the very beginning of a garter stitch scarf I'm making out of the etc etc etc..

Since the whole thing is essentially an experiment, I wanted to see how it knit up and I must say I'm beyond pleased with it.

So I feel pretty good at this point about carding the alpaca. I've got the hang of using the hand carders now.

The Kaibashira socks are almost done. I have maybe two pattern repeats and the toe. The chevron socks are nearing the second heel turn.
more chevron socks
You may notice I'm magic looping the second one. Amazingly enough, the gauge appears to have stayed the same. I guess size two needles are size two needles as far as my hands are concerned.

Started a pair of plain ribbed socks out of some handspun. It's fairly thick yarn so it's being magic looped on size four needles.

Here's the yarn.

I have three of those, but the rest of that roving is being blended with the hand cards, it looks much nicer that way.

Biscuit was helping me take pictures.
biscuit helping

He's a very nice kitty, and I don't take nearly enough photos of him.

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Darka said...

I was shocked to see that someone other than a family member left a comment on my blog! Thanks for looking! I love your handspun-- so pretty, and also love your kitty.