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Monday, October 08, 2007

Busy times call for busy measures

I don't know why it feels like I've been so busy lately. No time to write. No time to do a decent blog entry, just more photos and some knitting blather. I would say I'm spending too much time knitting, but that's heresy. :)

The alpaca fiber is all dry and ready. I was going to borrow a friend's hand cards, but I lucked into a set on ebay so they'll be here soon. Now if I can only figure out how to use them.

What does it say when photos of weeds in my yard look better than the actual flowers?


These aren't weeds, they're Mexican Primroses.

A geranium

I'm making socks. Those Kaibashira socks are looking good.

I highly recommend this pattern, it is very cool and easy as long as you don't mess up the cast on or the first two rows.

I finished the chunky jaywalkers.

They do look pretty awesome.


I started another pair, the chevron socks from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I'm using Opal self-patterning yarn, it's seriously cool looking.


I guess I'm gearing up for the holiday gift-giving season. I think most of the family gifts are going to be photographs, framed. And of course socks for my mom and the kids.

Gotta go. I'm overheated. Again.


Alisa Knits! said...

What yarn are you using for the Kaibashira socks?! Those are seriously gorgeous!

Jamie Fritz said...

I got it from an ebay vendor called "over the rainbow yarns"... it's pretty but not particularly soft. Hoping it'll soften up when I wash 'em. (more details on ravelry etc... heh)

Carla said...

Here is a link with pictures and video of how to hand card.
Its pretty easy, I learned in one sitting with a friend. Personally however, I'd rather spin from roving or a batt (batt being my preference) So the 10lbs of wool I have sitting in a box that needs to be washed and prepared is waiting for me to find time to visit my drum carder owning friend.

And I think some weeds are way prettier than flowers!