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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fluff and nonsense

We've had an eventful weekend already and it's not even gametime!

Yesterday, we took a trip to Bloomfield, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh known as Pittsburgh's Little Italy. I took some half decent pictures that I put into a set on Flickr.

We watched men play Bocce,

ate some good food,

checked out the local nightlife,

and shopped until we dropped.

Bloomfield is one of the few city neighborhoods I'd consider living in. It's very cool, lots of young people but also lots of people who have lived there for generations.

Last week I got some raw alpaca. It spun up decently right out of the bag but was far too dirty.
llama right off the beast

So I washed it. And washed it. And washed it. It's outside drying right now, hopefully it'll be all dry before dark.

It has a spider running around in it now. Hopefully, she'll leave.

It ought to be some nice fiber once it's all done. I'm glad I tried it, but I think from now on, I'll leave fiber processing to the pros.


Lots of knitting going on. I did up a baby sweater for a co-worker who is expecting any day.

Finished the quill lace socks...


...and started a pair of chunky jaywalkers.

Also started on a pair of Kaibashira socks for one of the girls, not sure which. Depends on how big they are. I'm thinking Lena.


They don't look like much yet, but that is one clever and decorative cuff.

Not much else. My eyes are super itchy and swollen, I'm not sure if I'm allergic to the alpaca or if it's just hay fever. This too shall pass.

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