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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yes, there are things going on

I'm still learning to use the camera. But getting better.

I did a whole series of "Yearbook Candid Photos" at the Western PA Mensa regional gathering last weekend and they came out pretty good. They can be found on my flickr page over there on the sidebar.

Figment, of course, is still amazingly wonderful.

Look at that head tilt. He's a complete camera whore.

In things fibrous, much spinning and much knitting has happened. I finished Bob's plain grey tweed socks. He likes them. I started another pair for myself out of handspun merino in a lovely slightly variegated green. I knitted a bag out of sari silk. I still need to line it, but I think it looks pretty good.

Getting much better at navajo plying. I got this amazing pin-drafted roving

and am spinning it into a fine single..

Which i then navajo-ply

The first skein is a little thick for sock, but the two after that were pretty much sport weight which is perfectly fine for socks.

I made four skeins of this...

Then turned it into this.

That's the "Brioche bodice" from the Summer 2006 Interweave Knits. It's a little wonky here and there but I'm happy with it anyway. So there.

I got the pinwheel sweater off the needles finally and am working on the sleeves. I opted to go with a crocheted edging instead of the i-cord. I didn't work on it all summer because it was too hot to have that much wool on my lap. It still IS too hot but I want to get it done in time to wear it for fall.

I also donated many skeins of handspun yarn and some framed photo art to the auction at the regional gathering. They all went for good prices, which pleased me greatly. I think I got at least $20 per skein for the handspun, slightly less for the reclaimed mohair I donated.

Ok, time for football. I'll do the heavy emotional post next time.

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Alisa Knits! said...

The facial expression Figment's making in the first photo is amazing.

You really should post that vest on LJ. It's a gorgeous example of start-to-finish spinning your own yarn and then actually using it, rather than just spinning crappy novelty grossness and not doing anything with it because it's useless. I adore the colours you got with that, too!