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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brief update with tiny socks

All week, I've been working on my exercises, and yesterday we did some more out and about. After going to Office Depot, the post office, and K-Mart (to replace our fatally leaking coffeepot), I was exhausted, but still took my lovely husband out to dinner. We went to Outback Steakhouse, where we met a very overly-friendly woman. We overheard her and her companion talking about going to a karaoke place, so Bob asked. Nice people, but way, way too familiar. The woman actually gave me a hug before we left, which was exceedingly weird.

I got a new keyboard and mouse yesterday, along with some ink for my printer. The Daliboard wasn't working out for me, it was too difficult to type on. Add to that my mouse decided to work very intermittently and a trip to Office Despot to fax some papers turned into a major shopping trip. This is a standard keyboard and much easier to type with, so maybe I'll actually do more typing now.

I've been working on wee socks for my mom's friend Jill who is having a baby.

Just plain socks, some smaller than others, I want them to fit 3-12 months if possible but I'm no judge of how big baby feet are.


Oh gee, what's that under them?


Ooh! There's a "C" on it! You know what that means!


I actually got it on ebay for $38. Amazing. I've always wanted a Pens sweater, and I really wanted the Winter Classic version so this was a great find for me.

Here's a large white catbelly photo.

In recovery-type stuff, I'm using a single forearm crutch now. It's hard. I get very tired, very easily. I got my papers for work filled out for another month because as of now there is no way I can go back to work the middle of the week. I need a couple more weeks at least, to get my endurance up with this crutch. Two stores and a post office yesterday and I was ready to die by the time we got home. Not good.

My PCP did tell me that she's surprised to see me getting around so well. She thinks I'm doing just great, considering the reports she got on my surgery etc. So this is good news. I suppose. I'm just not very patient with myself about things like healing taking actual amounts of time, and stuff.


Captain said...

Hi! I found you via Ravelry. Best wishes for your continuing recovery. Can I hear the story about the Cake Nazi?

SJ said...

Ooh, great score on the jersey! Maybe one day I will get a proper Pens jersey (or maybe I'll just have to steal one of my brother's).