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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reasons that we fear won't disappear

While I was in the hospital and nursing home, I was sure that I was either going to blog extensively or write a damn book about the whole experience. Now that I'm home, I've put it off and put it off. Today I was wondering if I subliminally want to forget the whole damn thing and that's why I'm having such trouble writing about it.

I'm almost sure part of the reason is the fact that I'm still not comfortable sitting at the desk, or sitting in one place for long, period. I'm also very worried about my impending return to work and if it can happen on the date planned. (May 1) I've given myself a drop-dead date of next Wednesday to make the determination and take the needed action one way or the other.

I DO feel better. I'm getting stronger. My concern is endurance, and taking the bus, and walking downtown. I need to be off the walker and onto a cane before I go back. Sometimes I think that would be okay. Sometimes I can't imagine getting far enough past the pain to do that.

Anyway. On to knitting, and pretty pictures.

The Luna Moth shawl is going well. I think three more pattern repeats and it'll be ginormous enough to satisfy me.




The springtime Hedera socks might be done before summer.

Man. That is one sock that just does NOT look right unless it's on a foot. I'm pretty close to the second heel, I just keep getting sidetracked by things like the computer, and my camera, and other knitting projects.

I'm making anklets for my left foot. HUGE anklets.

It's getting increasingly uncomfortable wearing the cam boot without a sock but none of my socks fit over my foot yet. I figured once my foot goes back to normal-ish I can felt them smaller for normal feet.

Don't you just love white roses?

They look like they're lit from the inside.


I'm also very happy to report that my orchids (that I was certain would die over the winter) have survived, and are producing buds and new leaves. Woo!

I'm pretty impressed that they're doing so well, considering my normal position with houseplants is to keep them alive until they can be put outside.

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