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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Giving in to temptation

Well, I did some more spinning. It's getting a little easier, but it's still not as comfortable as I like. And of course, using both feet is not an option at this time.


It's just a little skein, about 218 yards. It coordinates with the last yarn I spun, the one that was half and half from spindle and wheel.


I plan to make a third skein that matches as well. I'm just having fun with the wheel and bits of my fiber stash at this point. A distraction.

My outpatient PT started yesterday. I got two exercises to do, for this I needed outpatient PT? Couldn't they just mail me something? Each visit is going to be a fifteen dollar co-payment, too, which is going to get awkward in a hurry. I just hope they can get me close enough to normal to go back to work as soon as possible, but the advice my therapist gave me after my evaluation was "don't put yourself on a timetable". This makes me very unhappy.

Ok, so here's some more pretty yarn photos to make up for the unhappy.



And dogs. Always dogs to make me less sad.



Honestly. That face is just too much.

1 comment:

Carla said...

I just checked your blog for the first time (looking for that awesome sock pattern), but first I had to find the corgi pics. I knew there had to be corgi pics somewhere.

Corgis! Yay!