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Monday, May 05, 2008

Small things

I find myself pining for spinning. Knitting socks is getting tiresome since that's all I've been doing. I do best with crafts when I vary them. The problem is, I find it pretty difficult to spin with my knee the way it is. I don't have the flexibility, even if I spin one-footed, and I get into an awkward position and the wheel moves, and I get uncomfortable pretty quickly. But I need to find a way. My spinning stash is taunting me, laughing and waving yak and cashmere under my nose.

I think I'm done with the tiny socks for a while.





I'm happy with them, I'm just tired of making them. I'm tired of a lot of things. I think I need to go back to work now, ready or not. Outpatient PT starts tomorrow. And I just received notice that I've been approved for ongoing medical leave through the end of the month. I really want to go back. The problem is that walking across a parking lot wears me out. Standing for ten minutes is exhausting. Negotiating steps on and off a bus will be very scary. Hopefully PT can help with that.

Socks for myself move on, too. I started these on Friday night. I ripped them out Saturday morning. I finished the first one today. I've never seen socks move so fast. but I love the pattern and the yarn is a sheer joy to work with. The pattern is called "Bellatrix" and it's available on Ravelry as a free download. The yarn is Pennyrose. I cannot speak too highly of this yarn.



It's actually seafoam stitch, which you see a lot in scarves but I've never seen in socks. It makes the gauge weird, these are much bigger than I thought they'd be.

Here's some detail on this gorgeous yarn.



I'm also doing "No Purl Monkeys", the Monkey pattern from Knitty but with all purls. I did the regular pattern not too long ago, and wanted to try the smooth version. So far, so good. The yarn is "The Purled Llama Dulce" which is heavenly soft but doesn't feel very durable. Luxury socks for special occasions.



We went to the Off-Track Betting place for the Kentucky Derby. They didn't have the NBC feed, so we knew nothing about Eight Belles' death until we got home. I'm really feeling that the standards need to be changed to breed stronger horses, even if it means sacrificing speed, both for their sakes and for the jockeys' health. Too many horses die needlessly, and it's common knowledge that being a jockey usually means a life of bulimia. I'm not an expert in this; I leave that to Mr. Buttercup; but I feel very badly for the horses and for the jockeys.

(Roses the aforementioned Mr. brought me on Friday. They get prettier every day.)

And last but far from least, a Figment.

Until next time.


ahren said...

The flowers look like velvet. Figment has a random foot in that picture.

Jamie Fritz said...

Figment has a random foot in that picture.

He's a contortionist kitty. And has a cute widdle club on his rear foot pads. His front foot pads are all pink. So that's a rear foot.

And yes, they do look like velvet. So nice they almost look fake, like the white ones last time. Trader Joe's has nice roses.

Melissa said...

Pretty hilarious that I just started MY Monkey Socks in Purled Llama too!