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Friday, May 09, 2008

Just have to share this

Fabulous fat-positive video from a Romanian musician. A little heavy on the food porn, but still, they're gorgeous and they own every second of the video.

We got our george bush hush money, er, economic stimulus money today. Another buffer between me and penury. I keep dreaming about a town I used to live in, and I finally figured out why I keep dreaming about this place. See, about ten years ago, I made a really bad series of decisions about where my life was going and what I was doing with it. I ended up leaving a job that was stressful but pretty awesome and paid well (municipal bus driver) and ended up broke, evicted, and depressed for a very long time. (Some would say "still") During that time in my life, I lived in this town called Springdale.

Now, it's worth mentioning that because of those bad decisions, I ended up meeting the most awesome people I know, including my husband Bob. So obviously, the results were not all bad. But still, Springdale represents financial disaster, stress, worry, panic, and shame because of money woes. So naturally, when I'm worried about all of the above, it shows up in my dreams.

These things show up in my backyard, otherwise known as Buttercup's Animal Refuge.


We have quite a few bunnies, in varying sizes.


This one munches on fallen birdseed and whatever greens are growing under it. My yard is so full of weeds right now it's ridiculous, and I can't do a damn thing about it.

And funniest of all, this dude comes by every morning to get a snack out of the bird feeders. Hey, he's a bird, right?


Poor Figment sits in the window and watches him and just ... vibrates. It's hysterical. I tell him that the bird is five times his size and would kick his little kitty butt, but he doesn't care.

figment wants the bird...

cute eyeball

He lives a hard life.

Yesterday, I was out on the front porch with the dogs, and I heard this weird metallic drilling noise. Our pileated woodpecker was sitting on top of the transformer across the street, drilling it. He seemed very proud of himself, that he'd found this truly awesome tree that would make the most noise of all the trees. I went in to get the camera, but when I came back he was gone. I've been trying to get a picture of him for some time, because nobody believes we actually have a pileated woodpecker in our yard. They're notoriously shy.

Off to do my increasingly painful and difficult exercises for the morning.

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