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Monday, June 16, 2008

Just like the girl who married dear old dad

The past two weeks have been real turkeys.
(That's one of the fuzzy baby turkeys that live in the woods behind our house. Offspring of this monster, I have to assume.)

I've been remiss in posting of late. Most of it is coming to terms with going back to work, having less time and less energy in the time I've got.

Yesterday was Father's day, a day I regard with something less than enthusiasm. I am happy for all the people who had a terrific or even adequate father around when growing up. I am happy for all the people who even knew what their father looked like when they were growing up. I am sad for all the people who suffered abuse or abandonment at the hands of a parent as well. This weekend as every father's day weekend, I try to spend time with my mother and let her know that I appreciate that she was mother and father to me, and my girls do the same for me.

I've become fortunate later in life. My husband has become the closest thing to a father that my grown children have ever known. He loves them and they love him. We've become a "real family" (not that we weren't before), a traditional "mom and dad and two kids" which kinda makes me laugh because even in the best of times I couldn't imagine that happening to me.

On the healing front, things move on. Slowly. I stopped taking narcotic pain relievers as of Friday, which has had a profound and amazing impact on my mood. Not sure if it's a rebound effect or something but I'm a lot less depressed and a lot more involved in and aware of positive emotions without the narcotics. The pain is worse, though, which is a bummer, but the whole thing is making me re-evaluate how I want to use the pain pills from now on. I'm thinking Aleve or Tylenol unless it's REALLY REALLY bad and then only the narcotics before bed.

It's still slow going on the bending/mobility front. Hot weather is a horror for swelling. Last week, we had several days in the upper 80s and low 90s and my ankle/foot swelled beyond anything I'd seen it do before. Now that the temp is lower, it's much less swollen. I'm not sure if I'm bending better or not. I stopped PT as it was really pointless to go to therapy after work.

I found out last week that due to a clerical error, I will not be getting paid until August. Apparently I was overpaid while I was off on medical leave and nobody bothered to tell me I got several paychecks that I was not supposed to get. We're trying really hard not to panic. Bob is looking for other freelance writing and I sold off a lot of my yarn and fiber. It was heartbreaking. We're probably going to go through the books and DVDs and CDs and go to Half Price books and the Exchange with them. Once I recover from selling off the fibery goodness, that is.

My next post will be regarding knitting and fiber and all that goodness. I guess this one is more just a braindump. Much needed.

Here's an artistic cathead.

And a squishy puppy face for balance.


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