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Monday, June 02, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy.

Well, work happened last week. It was a challenge. I'm not sure how this is going to work out for me, honestly. I can sincerely hope it will get easier as time goes along.

I've got a million things to blog about, and can't seem to settle on one. Or even two. So as usual, I'll post pictures of yarn.


I didn't spin that, it's a dyeing attempt. Seems to look okay, we shall see how it knits up. The yarn is knitpicks bare in the merino/silk blend.

Speaking of silk, I am spinning some for the first time. Silk hankies, mixed colors, purely experimental. I have to very consciously not spin this too thin as it's very easy to make it so thin it vanishes. Then it's hell to find on the bobbin after. But fun. I will definitely be looking to spin more of this in the not too distant.


I'm also spinning up some cheviot roving into sock yarn.

Apparently cheviot is a type of fleece that resists felting. I will get four skeins (enough to make a pair from each skein) out of the pound of roving that I have. Will decide on a dye scheme later. It's not extremely soft, but it's not itchy or hard either. It feels kinda tough, and very springy. Durable. We shall see.

I'm working on another sock pattern.

This one is called Cucumber Falls Socks. The "sock knitters anonymous" group on Ravelry has a monthly challenge, and June's challenge was to design your own. I wanted to do something special for this yarn anyway, and it was a good opportunity. I imagine this pattern will be available once I'm done knitting the first pair, but not sure if it'll be free. Considering it took me a week of perusing stitch dictionaries, knitting swatches, doing math, figuring out how to convert flat into round and learning how to make charts, probably not. But it'll be cheap.

The dogs are barking, I'm suffering from caffeine deprivation, and I'm probably going to take a nap. If the dogs will stop barking. They drive me insane sometimes.

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