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Monday, June 23, 2008

My I don't have to run day

Here it is another Monday and again I am woefully unprepared to post anything coherent or interesting to this blog.

Work proceeds as these things do. Bills pile up and no relief in sight. I sold off a goodly chunk of my yarn and fiber stash which gave me a small cushion but I keep getting slightly panicky. This too shall pass.

I did finish the Cucumber Falls socks. They're gorgeous. I'm awaiting the results from my test knitters before I put the pattern out there, but so far so good.

Here's the prototype.



You can see how swollen my left foot gets in that photo.


I must say I really like them.

The Daisy Sock prototypes have been mailed off to my younger daughter in Tennessee. They were a tad snug on my right foot so I knew there was no hope of getting them on my left at all. She'll like them.

The latest design is called Moderne, and I'm working it in Kraemer Sterling Silk and Silver, which is a gorgeous, gorgeous yarn.

The sock incorporates three motifs that I think have an art-deco look. So far so good, and will post pictures as soon as I have one finished.

I'll chime in with the thousands of other bloggers mourning the death of George Carlin. He was one of my all-time favorite smart-asses.

And in closing, while it is certainly possible to make ham salad in the blender, it's inadvisable to get overly ambitious with the size and quantity of your chunks of ham, because then you end up with a broken blender full of half-chopped ham salad.

Until next time.


Kyra said...

Just stumbled onto your blog - neat socks! Love the color combination.

Best, Kyra

Jamie Fritz said...

Thank you Kyra!