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Friday, July 04, 2008

Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams

The Luna Moth Shawl is done!

I finished it off last night and it's currently pinned out and drying. I did not block it "hard" at all, just pulled the points out and made the top straight. It's Gorgeous. Here's some pictures.




The colors are great. The details look okay to me, one advantage is it's so damn big that any flaws are hard to find unless you're looking for them.


I think this one is my favorite detail shot.

I started this project in April when I came home from the Nursing home. I didn't knit much on it the last month or so, the weather's been too warm. The yarn is Jojoland Rhythm, non-superwash. The pattern can be found here.



Here's the pre-blocking look...

Ignore the dirty kitchen.

And the poor thing soaking in soapy water.

I'm excited about this project, it's my first attempt at non-sock lace and it's pretty good. I threw it over my shoulders last night and it was plenty big enough, which was a worry of mine. I'll definitely be wearing this out and about in the Fall.

If only there were a county fair somewhere I could enter it. :)


cosymakes said...

looks fabulous!! so pretty. are there really no fairs around here?

Anonymous said...


I really love how the colours work with the pattern of the shawl. That's really pretty!

DDancer said...

Bring it into Natural Stitches and register it for the summer of Socks and Lace. Juts make certain to bring in a ball band!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Oh, your shawl is stunning! The colors are just beautiful! Good job!

Cathy said...

That is Beautiful!
Surely Allegheny county has a fair? Darn, I've never thought to look.