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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Melt all my heart away with a smile

I know, I'm way overdue and haven't updated in forever. Life's been kind of hectic. I'm fighting a recurrence of my vestibular disorder. My doctor diagnosed me with an ear infection last Monday and frankly, I'm not sure she's right. I was okay until this morning when I woke up dizzy and very close to full-on vertigo. I've managed to keep it together but I'm very off-center this morning and feel like I could slide into dizzy at any moment.

I finished the Moderne socks. They're gorgeous. I need to take pictures. Also started on socks for my uncle and for my office daughter. I'm doing Garter Rib in a Opal Hundertwasser for him and my Entrelac design in the Kureyon sock for her. I'm still spinning up the last roving I got from Leticia at Autumn Oak and will have probably 1000 yards of chunky two ply from the pound of roving. It's very soft. It's pretty dark brown with different colors here and there, not exactly tweedy but very interesting.

I did attempt some photos on the 4th at the fireworks. Some were OK.


For the most part, though, never again without a tripod. It was too frustrating.

We have two toads that live on our porch. Here's the one that hangs out in Bob's shoe.


Back to knitting, I'm working on a top-down raglan tee out of some lovely Interlacements Kansas yarn. It's a linen/rayon blend and a joy to knit.
Not much to see yet, unfortunately. It's just a raglan with a seed-stitch panel in the front. Boooring. Also finished the Oriel Lace socks, and again, I need to take pictures. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

They really are the ultimate girly socks.

Bob and I went on a mini-golf date last night. It was fun, though when it was over I was ready to fall over dead. Three rounds of miniature golf in 80 degree humid weather when I'm not really used to being on my feet that much is a lot of exertion and my foot and leg and knee were dead weight when I got home.

Must be off, we have friends coming over for dinner. I'll try to get some photos up tomorrow, I need them for my Ravelry notebook anyway and I don't have anything on the agenda tomorrow besides chillin and knittin.

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Tropical Twister said...

Great socks!