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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ooh, you make me live now, honey

I want to take a moment to spread the word about some of my very favorite vendors, fiber folks, and artisans. In addition to the links in the sidebar, these are people I wholeheartedly recommend as craftspersons.

I love fiber and spinning and yarns. When I got my first wheel, I opted for a Babe wheel, because I wasn't sure I'd be committed enough to it long-term to justify spending $600-800 on a piece of equipment that I might not end up using for more than a year. I did research. I ended up with the Babe Production Double Treadle wheel and after spinning on it for two years now, I can say I love it. I have come to a place in my spinning where it would be nice to get a better wheel, but it isn't really necessary right now because my Babe works just fine. Here's where to find Babe wheels, and Nils' customer service is second to none.
My wheel is the white double-treadle model. Not so elegant, but oh-so functional.

One of my first and still favorite fiber vendors is Bill Mutchler from Copper Moose in Vermont. He's wonderful, gives out free advice, and ships so fast it's practically there before you order it. He has everything from four ounce sample sizes to multiple pounds of fiber, equipment, and much more.

Follow the link to his ebay store to see everything.

Another great bulk fiber vendor is Carol at the Sheep Shed Studio. When you need a LOT of fiber, Carol's your woman.

She is so nice, too.

I try to support local fiber artists when possible, and when I feel like treating myself to something special, I like to visit Feistywoman Designs. Her sock batts and sock fiber are wonderful. In fact, that's where the wonderful fiber for the Cucumber Falls socks originated. She keeps a blog here...

and an Etsy shop here.

One of my local friends has a great talent for making jewelry. Her etsy shop is here, and let me tell you, I covet many things there. I've offered to make socks in exchange for a particular piece, but I'm not telling you which one.

Intentional Stones

She also keeps a blog here.

Some more Etsy yarn vendors that I've become very fond of over the past year...

Here's another favorite, a soapmaker who also sometimes has wonderful fiber and usually has yarns for sale as well.

Her soaps are SO NICE. I am not kidding. I love them, and I'm a soapaholic.

And finally, a great pottery artist, who did the olive oil bottle that I got for my mom for mother's day.

I hope you'll consider sharing the love for these vendors and artisans that I've come to love.

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