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Monday, March 09, 2009

It's a wonder I can think at all

New week, same lazy attitude.

I have no motivation to get anything done. Laundry awaits, the carpet needs vacuuming, and I should surely finish spinning this alpaca fiber, yet here I sit, doing nonsense on the computer, updating my project pages on Ravelry , uploading pictures, playing with my new phone and learning how to connect it to the computer and do stuff with it.

The phone angst of last week was resolved, thank goodness. I made the considerable mistake of ordering a new phone from the Sprint website. Now, I've been a customer of Sprint for about 8 years now, mostly happy ones. But never again will I order a phone I cannot hold in my hand. The phone I got (for "free") was the size of a brick and twice as ugly. Apparently it was one of the original blackberry phones, which made it older than the phone I was upgrading! I went to the store on Wednesday and spent some time with a lovely young man named Andrew who made everything right again, and left with this phone, in purple. It's awesome.


In crafts, I've been spinning still and working on my matching/not matching socks when I'm on transit. The sock pattern is "roundabout socks" and it's mindless, attractive, and fast to work up. Since I'm going toe-up on mine, I did a bit of a picot bind-off so they wouldn't be too tight. I also snuck an increase into the second sock, which will be dedicated to puffyleg.


Finished spinning the BFL I mentioned last week. I did some things a bit differently with this fiber. When I took it out to decide how to spin it, I didn't really like the possibilities. The straight color sequence didn't make any sense, so splitting lengthwise and trying to maintain the color changes wasn't an option. I looked at it, folded it, rolled it up into a ball, and finally split it out three ways, since it seemed like there were three distinct "themes" going on in the roving.


I called it "Begonias, Easter Eggs, and Crayolas". After playing around with that split for some time, I decided to split the thirds lengthwise into pencil roving sized strips and roll into balls. Spinning the "crayolas" came out like this.


Unfortunately, I was too much of a doofus to take photos of the other two balls as they were being spun too which in retrospect would have been a really good idea. But anyway, here's the finished product.


This is pre-washing, it's very curly still. That settled down somewhat after a good bath and thwacking.



So that's about it in my crafting world this week. I started spinning up some of the loose alpaca fiber again, it's a pain though because I have to hand-card it then spin it and it gets crud all over the carpet. I might put that back away until the weather is good enough to spin outside again. I'm sure the birds would love random alpaca fluff for their nests, and I would love not having the carpet where I'm spinning look like a terrible accident at a fiber mill.

I've still got the ear crud and sinus crud going on to some extent. Not nearly as bad as it was, though. Like I said above, I've been sleeping a lot. I think that helps.

Oh, the phone takes some pretty decent pictures, too.


That's a detail of a downtown building. One of my favorites.


I just love Pittsburgh architecture, and it will be nice to be able to get halfway decent pictures that I can actually remove from the phone and put on the computer. It does videos too, but I haven't quite figured out how to send them to youtube via the phone. I think I can just upload them to the computer and then send them to youtube from there. One thing at a time.

Making yummy beef vegetable soup for dinner tonight. After an unseasonably warm weekend, we're back in the 40s here so it's appropriate for the weather.

Edit. Huh. Not very good video, but hey.

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