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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Second quick hit of the week

The comment section on this blog is not a debate zone, nor a place to air your grievances about other websites. Randomly aired grievances will be deleted. Please keep your mess in your own backyard.

Thanks in advance.


Melissa said...

What? You mean it's not okay to go to random sites, find innocuous statements, assume they're about me and post comments? Oh, wait. I don't do that because I'm not a paranoid conspiracy freak.

Anwyay. Why haven't I found your blog before? I'm terrible about keeping up, but will be adding this to my follow list anyway. Sometimes I manage.

Re: the previous post - never had Yorkshire pudding, but whoa, it sounds delish!

KnittingReader said...

What about my freedom of speech? You are censoring me!


cosymakes said...

my question is, how on earth did they find you?!? i thought your wording was subtle enough... hmm. conspiracy me thinks.

Jamie Fritz said...

You're all censored! The lot of you. Especially you, Cosy.

MadCarlotta said...

Shut up Jamie, you're from Saskatoon!

Loredena said...

People are weird. I don't know about anyone else -- but at least one hit on her blog that came from yours would be due to clicking her name in the comments! And are you even on twitter? You don't have a link in your side bar.