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Monday, August 24, 2009

Maybe Dog is trying to tell you something

The title comes from our corgi girl Miss Lily changing the channel earlier to the 700 club. The Color Purple is one of my favorite movies, and even a big old heathen like me can appreciate a scene like this.

This has been a sort of laid back week. Trying to confront and tame some old financial issues that are holding me back and making my phone ring way more than it should. Trying to keep the old blood sugar under control. Everything status quo if I can get it that way. So far, so good. My only issue has been a big toe that is rather numb and that worries me a bit but it's on the foot of the bad leg, so it doesn't bother me as much as it would on the good leg. I expect nerve issues in the bad leg.

I went to an afternoon Tea on Saturday with some women from the Mensa group. We met at the Purple Rose Tea Room. What a lovely experience! It was my first formal tea sort of thing and I really enjoyed it. The tea room is great, it's an old tailor shop and they have some really interesting and beautiful things around the place, including some vintage handmade lace.





Here's Dana and her Mom, the proprietors.
Sorry, Dana's Mom, I'm crap with names.

(this fiber arts person wants to get some crochet thread and repair this table cloth.)



Here's our group having tea and conversation.

And my lovely friend Pearl at the other end of the table.

Anyway, I hope we can do this again, it was fun. I highly recommend the place too, the tea and the food was amazing. Especially the signature tea, Purple Rose, a black tea with violet essence and rose petals. I took a tin of that home with me and have been drinking it ever since.

This was the only morsel left on the table when we finished.

In fibery stuff, I'm still working on the socks, having turned the heel and working up the cuff. I imagine they'll be done by the end of the week. The raglan tee is moving along. I'm doing my best to guess when to put the sleeves on waste yarn and continue with the body-don't think I'm quite there yet.


Socks really have me spoiled. I have so little patience for larger projects any more.

Today, I'm spinning the merino/silk blend that I got at the Pgh Knit/Crochet fest last Feb.
I'm doing it fine intending to Navajo-ply to preserve the color runs and also to avoid the muddy look that happens far too often with handpainted roving.

In last month's Cookie A knitalong on Ravelry, when I was so frustrated by not getting my pictures posted on time, I actually won a prize! I posted in the "always a bridesmaid" thread there and got picked randomly for this gorgeous sock yarn.


It's from AlphaBYarn on Etsy, and wow, is it ever gorgeous, and a very generous skein at 480 yards.


Check out her shop, the semi-solids are so rich-looking and once I'm solvent again (and have room in my sock yarn stash bin) I'll definitely be getting more.

Well, that's all I got for now. Like I said, trying to maintain status quo and not run out of teaspoons.

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