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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This makes me a little sad

Due to her ongoing one note song in opposition to public-option universal health care, the constant string of unfounded scare stories, and the increasing stridency and desperation of her postings, I'm removing Junkfood Science from my blogroll.

I used to love reading Sandy's posts. I did. She was a voice of sanity in the anti-fat wilderness. But now? She's parroting corporate scarewords and it's frankly annoying and very, very disappointing. I thought far better of her.

Not that I think removing her from my blogroll will make that big a difference, but I'm not going to have a probable corporate shill sitting over there lying to people who might click through in innocence.


Anonymous said...

Awesome.. removing her DOES make a difference, for me at least, because I agree with your opinion and I thought I was the only one who thought the same way. So... THANK-U!

Meowser said...

I understand, I really do.

I am kind of dumbfounded, actually, that she's equating making a living will or advance directive with being snuffed out before your time and against your wishes. I mean, works in both directions. If you want to be 100% full code always, no exceptions ever, either I or my proxy will bite you on the leg if you ask me again, and don't even think about thinking about ever touching my breathing or feeding tubes or my estate will sue you and your entire facility back into the 18th century...fine. PUT IT IN WRITING SO EVERYONE KNOWS.

But I have to say, most of the senior citizens I've known (and created reports about) haven't been quite that adamant about being kept alive artificially indefinitely. And *I* sure don't want that. If I've been comatose for a month, pull the plug already and let everybody move on.

Insurance companies don't want everyone to be full care/full code either (although they'll take the money if that sort of alarmist rhetoric keeps UHC from happening). It's hospitals that stand to rack up the big bucks from keeping someone in house for months and months and months. Which very few people can afford to finance out of pocket, so not many people actually go that route.

Elizabeth said...

I've been kind of ambivalent about her for the last 6 months or so. And though I still subscribe through bloglines, I'm not eager to click through and read like I used to be. I've begun to suspect that her politics might run very contrary to my own in some ways. It's a shame because when she shines an objective eye on the truisms of health in the modern age, she's very powerful. But yeah, I'm beginning to doubt that objectivity.

Jamie Longstreth Fritz said...

It is so so good to know I'm not alone here. Thank you, all.