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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happier Days

05302011_81 by mensabuttercup
05302011_81, a photo by mensabuttercup on Flickr.

I miss this little girl so much. I miss her even though I know she's way bigger than this now. I miss her even though she's all grown up with her own concerns and her own problems to solve and her own life to live. I'm beginning to lose hope that we'll ever be part of each others' lives again. I want to tell her it's all okay, that I don't want there to be this space between us any more, that whatever it is, we'll work it out.

I just miss her and want to help her, or just to talk to her. Or just to give her a hug, if she needs one.

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KnittingReader said...

I wish I could fly to you and give you a hug. My mother and I were not close for at least 10 years, but now we are very good friends. It was completely my fault.